The Balloon Extractor 2.0

3 years ago Mar-Med released our Balloon Extractor as an important device for nasal foreign body removal. We gained a great number of customers and feedback during that time by competing against a more costly device. Now we are releasing an upgraded version with the following enhanced quality features:


  • Smooth and thinner catheter tip for easier, more comfortable nasal insertion.
  • Improved balloon with more uniform, concentric shape and stronger adhesion to the catheter.
  • Higher quality syringe, with 1.5cc stopper to prevent over-inflation.
  • Updated blue catheter and red luer hub for easier identification.

These changes were made with you in mind and will improve the performance of the device. After all, our goal is to provide a device with as high or higher quality than any other on the market, for significantly lower cost. Please see our website or the flyer below and feel free to email me at [email protected] for more information about the new Balloon Extractor.

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