The Mar-Med Tourni-Cot and Uni-Cot are very simple devices, which require little education. But one question that I hear on occasion is,

“Will applying the device aggravate the wound?”

Most clinicians say that while this question should be answered on a case by case basis, Tourni-Cot / Uni-Cot application probably won’t aggravate the injury.  If the digit is really mangled or has large flaps, I’m told you may not want to disturb the wound.  But experienced Tourni-Cot users have reported that there is no harm in applying the Tourni-Cot or Uni-Cot in most cases.  Applying a Tourni-Cot to a tip amputation for example may look painful, but it’s not causing any additional damage… Blocking the digit with a local anesthetic will help alleviate any pain.

One experienced clinician offered me a tip for how to minimize impact of Tourni-Cot / Uni-Cot application to a severely wounded digit. I’m summarizing that tip in these 3 simple, visual steps.

        1. Patient comes in with badly injured digit.

            mangled finger       

        2. Apply a finger cot or glove finger to the digit to keep it intact.


            Mangled digit with Tourni-Cot and Uni-Cot

        3. Apply the Tourni-Cot or Uni-Cot to the digit over the finger cot.


            Mangled digit with Tourni-Cot and Uni-Cot

Thanks for your interest in our devices!  Hopefully this information helps with your next tough digit case.

-Jerry Marogil

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