A minimally invasive cutaneous drain

For increasingly common abscesses, as well as cysts, seroma, hematoma, and more

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Using the Derma-Stent™

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Mar-Med’s Derma-Stent™:

Derma-Stent is a new, minimally invasive cutaneous drain preferred over packing gauze by clinicians and patients alike in a recent trial. Clinicians are moving away from the use of gauze for incision and drainage because it’s painful, can cause toxic shock and often requires multiple visits for evaluation and management. Derma-Stent provides the ease and comfort of the “loop drain” method, but the unique design can be customized for use in 1 or 2 incisions, without tying clumsy knots or sutures.


Derma-Stent Clinical Trial Complete!

A randomized, controlled clinical trial ( Identifier: NCT03171714) comparing standard packing gauze to using Derma-Stent for abscess treatment was completed at Wayne State University under Aaron Brody, MD, MPH.  While the final manuscript on the trial is being written, The Journal of Emergency Medicine has published Dr. Brody’s description of using Derma-Stent on the trial’s first enrollee. Read more about the Clinical Trial Here! Lastly, view all of the images from the trial or scroll through the gallery at the bottom of this page.



1) Drain the site using 1 or 2 incisions.

2) Measure the site along the Derma-Stent™. Cut to appropriate size.

3) Insert Derma-Stent™ into cavity.

4) Remove Derma-Stent™ in accordance with clinician instructions.

Product Codes

DMT – cutaneous drain.

Derma-Stents come individually packaged and are latex free. Mar-Med minimum order is 1 box of 20 units.

(Covered by US Patent No. D800902 and EUROPEAN Patent No. 003381771-0001. Other patents pending.)

Derma-Stent™ Added Value

An estimated 4.5 million incision & drainage procedures are performed on abscesses in the USA each year in outpatient and acute care.  For years wound packing has been thought to keep abscess walls separated and allow drainage by preventing premature closure.  But it is extremely painful (especially for children), often requires follow up and still has a relatively high failure rate.  A new less invasive method is performed by tying a “loop drain” through two small incisions and meta-analysis of literature already suggests this method provides lower failure rates (4.10% vs 9.43%), potential for less pain, decreased scarring, and lower healthcare utilization costs.  A similar technique involving a Jacobi ring has been demonstrated to compare well against the Word catheter used on Bartholin cysts.

Our Solution

Mar-Med’s Derma-Stent was designed with the benefits of the minimally invasive method in mind, but simpler.  A clinical trial has recently demonstrated the comfort and efficacy of the device.  Whether for abscess or cysts, in pediatrics or adult patients, Derma-Stent may be considered to replace packing gauze, loop drains and Word catheters, while saving cost and improving care.

Derma-Stent Related Literature:

A Novel Silicon Device for the Packing of Cutaneous Abscesses; Aaron M. Brody, MD, MPH, et al.

Loop Drainage Is Noninferior to Traditional Incision and Drainage of Cutaneous Abscesses in the Emergency Department, Elissa M. Schechter‐Perkins MD, MPH Kristin H. Dwyer MD, MPH Anish Amin MD Matthew D. Tyler MD James Liu MS Kerrie P. Nelson PhD Patricia M. Mitchell RN.

  • Summary: The study provides evidence that LD is noninferior to I&D in achieving complete abscess resolution at 14 days and is associated with fewer return ED visits and fewer complications. This makes it an attractive alternative treatment option for abscesses.

Comparison of the loop technique with incision and drainage for soft tissue abscesses: A systematic review and meta-analysis; Gottlieb M, et al.

  • Summary: This systematic review identified four studies comprising 470 total patients. Overall, the CID technique failed in 25 of 265 cases (9.43%). The LDT failed in 8 of 195 cases (4.10%)

Loop and drain technique for subcutaneous abscess: a safe minimally invasive procedure in an adult population; Gaszynski R, et al. ANZ Journal of Surgery. 2018 Jan;88(1-2):87-90 EPUB Sept 2016

  • Summary: LDT…saves operating theatre time with 30% of LDT treated in the Emergency Department and ensures excellent follow-up compliance as patients return for VessiLoop removal. Healthcare burden is greatly reduced using LDT; most patients require only one review at 10-14 days.

Treatment of subcutaneous abscesses in children with incision and loop drainage: A simplified method of care; Aprahamian CJ, et al, Journal of Pediatric Surgery.  Sep;52(9):1438-1441.

  • Summary:  The findings eliminate the need for repetitive wound packing and simplify postoperative wound care. Loop drainage offers shorter time to discharge, lower recurrence rates, and minimal scarring. Additionally, there is expected cost reduction.

Jacobi ring catheter treatment of Bartholin’s abscesses; Gennis P, et al. American Journal of Emergency Medicine. (May 2005) Volume 23, Issue 3, Pages 414–415.

  • Summary: “Ease of insertion was similar for the 2 devices. Patient satisfaction was higher in patients treated with the ring catheter.”


“The patients report no significant discomfort from the placement or removal. Some say they didn’t even realize it’s there. Much better than packing and re-packing wounds!”

Erik Soiferman DO


“Wonderful product, less pain, easy to use.”

Brian Kipe MD


Dr. Gaddis was a key influencer in the creation of our Derma-Stent™ product.

Gary Gaddis MD


Commentary on the Derma-Stent on ERcast by Dr. Rob Orman



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New Evidence Supports “Loop Drain” Method

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Introducing the Derma-Stent

Introducing the Derma-Stent

Derma-Stent - Abscess and Cyst DrainIntroducing the Mar-Med Derma-Stent, a new minimally invasive cutaneous abscess drain.  A Derma-Stent is a biocompatible, flexible, silicone drain that can be trimmed in multiple ways to fit a wide range of cutaneous abscess...

Derma-Stent Clinical Trial Pictures

Derma-Stent Clinical Trial Pictures

Pictures from Mar-Med's Wayne State University Trial Displayed below are images captured from a clinical trial using the Derma-Stent cutaneous drainage device. The clinical trial was recently completed by Aaron Brody, MD, MPH at Wayne State...

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