Balloon Extractor

Nasal foreign body remover

Makes it easy to remove foreign bodies from nasal cavities

  • Easy Extraction
  • Atraumatic
  • Ready to Use
  • Cost Effective

The Cat is Out of the Bag 

In case you haven’t heard the news, we’ve introduced our own lower-cost device so you don’t need to be a stray!

Mar-Med’s Nasal Foreign Body Remover

Children sometimes get foreign bodies stuck in their noses, which can be difficult to remove, often requiring sedation or a specialist. The Balloon Extractor is a thin and flexible catheter with a soft balloon at its tip, which can be inflated and used to withdraw foreign bodies with gentle traction.  33% lower price than the market leader, Balloon Extractor is quickly gaining adoption in hospitals and clinics who don’t want to pay more and don’t want to use traumatic methods like an “alligator forceps”.



Product Codes

BEX – nasal foreign body extractor.

Balloon Extractors come individually packaged and are latex free. Mar-Med minimum order is 1 box of 10 units.

Balloon Extractor Added Value

There are numerous methods identified in existing literature for removal of nasal foreign bodies. Foreign bodies that are placed more posteriorly can be especially difficult to remove. Passing an uninflated balloon catheter beyond the foreign body and inflating the balloon during removal allows a clinician to apply gentle traction. The balloon acts as a snare when inflated and withdrawn from the nasal cavity. Clinicians report that this method has saved many patients from unnecessary sedation and the need for specialists. The success of this method led to the design of a specialty device with a thin catheter well suited for the purpose.

Our Solution

Mar-Med’s Balloon Extractor was modeled after the specialty device and is offered for 33% lower cost. In only a short time Mar-Med has converted many satisfied clinicians and hospital systems.

Literature on Nasal Foreign Body Removal:


“We recently used the Balloon Extractor on a toddler and our provider was able to remove the foreign body from the nose easily. This saved the patient from having to be sedated and taken to day surgery for removal.”

Renee Weier BSN, RN



The Balloon Extractor comes individually packaged in a box of 10 units. The syringe is specially adapted to prevent over-inflation. The catheter comes covered in a protective sheath. Assembly is quick and easy: simply screw the two parts together and begin use.



Balloon Extractor Blog Posts

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Balloon Extractor: A Cost-Value Analysis

Balloon Extractor: A Cost-Value Analysis

Clinical Value: Clinicians love the Balloon Extractor device for nasal foreign body removal, but sometimes we hear concern from their facilities about cost.  At about $35 per unit (30% less than the market leader) we feel the Balloon Extractor is a great value. First...

Video – Balloon Extractor Tips and Best Practices

Video – Balloon Extractor Tips and Best Practices

Balloon Extractor Tips and Best Practices The video above captures how to use our new Balloon Extractor, nasal foreign body removal device. Specifically we address common inquiries regarding the packaging and assembly, followed by clinical use on our furry...

Introducing the Balloon Extractor

Introducing the Balloon Extractor

Balloon Extractor - Nasal Foreign Body RemoverIntroducing the Mar-Med Balloon Extractor. The Balloon Extractor is used to remove nasal foreign bodies safely and easily. For use insert the thin catheter into the nose cavity past the foreign body, inflate the soft small...

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