Balloon Extractor

Nasal foreign body remover

Makes it easy to remove foreign bodies from nasal cavities

  • Easy Extraction
  • Atraumatic
  • Ready to Use
  • Cost Effective

New and Improved Balloon Extractor Features:

  • Smooth and thinner catheter tip for easier, more comfortable nasal insertion.
  • Improved balloon with more uniform, concentric shape with stronger adhesion.
  • Higher quality syringe, with 1.5cc stopper to prevent over-inflation.
  • Updated blue catheter and red luer hub for easier identification.

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Nasal Foreign Body Remover

Children sometimes get foreign bodies stuck in their noses, which can be difficult to remove, often requiring sedation or a specialist. The Balloon Extractor is a thin and flexible catheter with a soft balloon at its tip, which can be inflated and used to withdraw foreign bodies with gentle traction.  33% lower price than the market leader, Balloon Extractor is quickly gaining adoption in hospitals and clinics who don’t want to pay more and don’t want to use traumatic methods like an “alligator forceps”. For further Balloon Extractor information Click Here

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