Frequently Asked Questions

A list of commonly asked questions

What are the prices for your products?

Please go to the Contact Us page and fill out the form requesting a price list.

What sizes of Tourni-Cot are available? Can I buy a box with mixed sizes?

We carry small, medium, large and extra-large sizes of Tourni-Cots, as well as a universal size (Uni-Cot). Each order of Tourni-Cots or Uni-Cots from Mar-Med comes in a box of 20 units. Mixed boxes of our Tourni-Cots come with 5 of each size.

What is the minimum order size?
Mar-Med sells the Tourni-Cot, Uni-Cot, and Derma-Stent by the box of 20 units. The Balloon Extractor comes in a box of 10 units. The minimum order for any product is 1 box. Some distributors may offer our products by the individual unit. Samples are available from Mar-Med upon request via our Sample Request page.
What method(s) of shipping do you use?
We use UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL or other services on request. By default we ship using UPS ground service, but second day air, and next day air shipping are available. We can bill shipping directly to your account, or prepay and add shipping based on our regular contract service price. The price of shipping is dependent on the size of your order, the location that the order is shipped to and the speed that you want it shipped. Shipping international orders varies based customer request and location. Drop shipping is available without additional charge.
How do we place an order? Can we order online?

You can place orders by either phone, fax or email. Our phone number is: 1-800-369-3434 (toll free) or you can call locally at (616) 454-3000. Our fax number is: (616) 459-5119. We also accept purchase orders via email. In order to ensure that we do not receive spam emails, you must make direct contact with us before we will provide you our ordering email address.

Can we buy from Mar-Med directly, or do we need to go through a distributor?

Mar-Med sells our products directly to hospitals and clinics, and through most major US distributors, including Owens & Minor, McKesson, Cardinal Health, Henry Schein, and more. Purchase accounts can be established with us by phone, email or fax. International distributors are also available in the UK, Continental Europe, Canada, and many other countries. Please contact us if you have questions about the availability of our products.

What is your return/exchange policy?
Mar-Med will accept returns and issue full credit on products that are returned within 90 days due to shipping or picking errors on our part. Only full, unopened boxes of product will be accepted for return.

Procedure: Customer Service authorization is required for all product returns. Please call Mar-Med customer service and request an RMA # to return goods. If Mar-Med is responsible for the return, we will cover shipping charges. If customer is responsible for the return, shipping charges must be covered by customer. Once Mar-Med confirms receipt of the goods, we will inspect the goods and issue a credit memo if necessary.

What is the difference between Mar-Med, Mar-Med Co and Mar-Med Inc?

We at Mar-Med have previously been referred to as Mar-Med Co, however now we go solely by Mar-Med. The name on our W9 is Mar-Med, Inc. This causes some confusion because there is another Mar-Med, Inc in Ohio with the website We are not related to the Mar-Med, Inc in Ohio, which primarily supplies bone saws and vacuum devices.

Can we distribute your products?
Yes, Mar-Med is always looking for new distributors in the USA and where we do not have exclusive agreements internationally. Please feel free to contact us about an arrangement and pricing for distribution of Mar-Med products.
Do the Tourni-Cot, Uni-Cot or Derma-Stent contain latex?

No, none of our devices contain latex.

What is the difference between device codes with a 001 and a 020? Ex.) TCS-1001 and TCS-1020?

Mar-Med device codes no longer carry a numerical suffix.  However, if you still have unexpired products with the numerical suffix, please understand that:

Product codes ending in 001 refer to a single unit, whereas product codes ending in 020 refer to the box of 20 units. 

Example: TCL-3001 = a single Tourni-Cot large unit. TCL-3020 = a box of 20 large Tourni-Cots.

Can you re-use the Tourni-Cot, Uni-Cot, Derma-Stent or Balloon Extractor?

Our devices are labeled for single use and therefore we cannot recommend re-use.

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