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30 years ago Mar-Med introduced the Tourni-Cot, the original and #1 selling digital tourniquet.  Now we offer a one-size fits all digit tourniquet, a nasal foreign body remover, a cutaneous drain and more.

Tourni-Cot | Large Tourniquet | Emergency Medicine | Mar-Med


Digital Tourniquet
(4 sizes)

Uni-Cot | One-Size Fits All Digit Tourniquet | Universal Fitting Finger and Toe Tourniquet | Emergency Medicine | Mar-Med


Digital Tourniquet
(universal size)

New Balloon Extractor 2.0 | Nasal Foreign Body Removal | Pediatric Emergency Medicine | Mar-Med

Balloon Extractor

Nasal Foreign Body Remover

Derma-Stent | Abscess and Cyst Drain | Abscess Treatment | Emergency Medicine | Mar-Med


Cutaneous Abscess & Cyst Drain

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ER Cast’s Dr. Robert Orman Interviews Mar-Med at ACEP 2019

Robert Orman ERCast | Emergency Medicine | ACEP | Mar-Med

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