Sometimes we receive great device feedback that simply has to be shared.  Shannon Neer contacted Mar-Med a few months ago introducing herself as a clinician doing a high volume of abscess cases in Yakima, WA.  She is a fan of the loop drain method and requested samples when she became aware of our Derma-Stent device.  After providing her samples, we received this wonderful feedback and image.

Be like Shannon – Click on the abscess below to try the Derma-Stent!
“I Love this product! I generally use a 4 mm punch to incise an abscess and this stent is so easy to thread through a single or two 4mm holes.  Having used vessel loops previously I can really appreciate not having to tie off the loop without tension on the wound.  This is such a simple device yet brilliant.  The stent is such soft material that it lays flush with the skin and the patient can’t feel it under their arm or leaning up against the chair.  My patients love being able to stand under a hot shower too. The hot water really promotes drainage.  I will NEVER go back to traditional gauze packing.  Even my previously preferred vessel loops are out. They take more time and effort to place than the Derma Stent and have that bulky knot!  I am sold!”

Shannon L Neer PA-C, Family Practice- Yakima, Wa.


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