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We are a family owned and operated medical device manufacturer and distributor located in Grand Rapids, Michigan.






Large Tourni-Cot | Digit Tourniquet | Finger Tourniquet | Hand Surgery Device | Emergency Medicine | Surgical Device | Mar-Med
Uni-Cot | One-Size Fits All Digit Tourniquet | Universal Fitting Finger and Toe Tourniquet | Emergency Medicine | Mar-Med
New Balloon Extractor 2.0 | Balloon Extractor | Nasal Foreign Body Removal | Emergency Medical Devices | Pediatric Emergency Medicine | Urgent Care Devices | Mar-Med disposable medical devices
Derma-Stent | Abscess and Cyst Drain | Abscess Treatment | Cyst Treatment | Urgent Care Devices | Emergency Medicine | Disposable Medical Devices | Mar-Med Disposable Medical Devices

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