Emergency Medicine Devices

Below is a complete list of Mar-Med’s Emergency and Pediatric Medicine Device Products. Offering digital tourniquets – Tourni-Cot & Uni-Cot, an all new Nasal Foreign Body Extractor – Balloon Extractor 2.0, an abscess and cyst loop drain – Derma-Stent, a finger brace – Finger Guard, and lastly a shower cast protective cover – Shower Seal. Select one of the Mar-Med medical devices below to learn more about them and if you’d like to Request Samples of our medical devices, click the “Sample Request” button on the top right of the page!

Large Tourni-Cot for fingers and toes | Digital Tourniquet | Finger Tourniquet | Toe Tourniquet | Hand Surgery Device | Emergency Medicine | Surgical Device | Mar-Med Disposable Medical Devices | Toe Surgery | Foot Surgery | Ankle Surgery | Tourniquet Digital

Tourni-Cot (4 Sizes):

Digital Tourniquet

Uni-Cot Digital Tourniquet | Universal Fitting Digital Tourniquet | One-Size Fits All Digital Tourniquet | Finger and Toe Tourniquet | Tourniquet for Fingers and Toes | Emergency Medicine | Urgent Care Devices | Mar-Med Disposable Medical Devices | Toe Tourniquet | Finger Tourniquet | Digital Cot | Digital Device

Uni-Cot (Universal Size):

Digital Tourniquet

Balloon Extractor | New Balloon Extractor 2.0 | Katz Alternative | Katz | Nasal Extractor | Nasal Foreign Body Removal | Pediatric Emergency Medicine | Emergency Medicine Devices | Mar-Med Disposable Medical Devices for Emergency Medicine | Extractor Katz | Extraction Nasal Object | Object stuck in nose | Katz Extraction | Catheter Extractor | Balloon Catheter Tip | Pediatric Extractor

Balloon Extractor:

Nasal Foreign Body Remover

Derma-Stent Abscess Drain | I & D Drain | Vessel Loop Drain | Loop Drain | Incision and Drain | Packing Gauze | Loop Drain Method | Abscess and Cyst Drain | Abscess Packing | Packing Gauze Alternative | Minimally Invasive Abscess Treatment | Cyst Drain | Abscess Drain | Medical Device | Emergency Medicine | Urgent Care | Mar-Med


Abscess and Cyst Drain

Finger Guard | Injured Fingers | Finger Cast | Hurt Finger | Emergency Medicine | Urgent Care | Mar-Med

Finger Guard:

Injured Finger Brace

Shower Seal | Cast Cover | Shower Cover | Cast Shower Cover | Urgent Care Devices | Emergency Medicine | Disposable Medical Devices | Mar-Med

Shower Seal:

Shower Cast Cover

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