A minimally invasive cutaneous drain

For increasingly common abscesses, as well as cysts, seroma, hematoma, and more

    • More Comfortable
    • Easy to Use
    • Versatile Design
    • Save Space
    • Made in the USA

Cases and Indicated Uses:

Whether for abscess or cysts, in pediatrics or adult patients, Derma-Stent may be considered to replace packing gauze, loop drains and Word catheters, while saving cost and improving care.

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Mar-Med’s Derma-Stent™:

Derma-Stent is a new, minimally invasive cutaneous drain preferred over packing gauze by clinicians and patients alike in a recent trial. Clinicians are moving away from the use of gauze for incision and drainage because it’s painful, can cause toxic shock and often requires multiple visits for evaluation and management. Derma-Stent provides the ease and comfort of the “loop drain” method, but the unique design can be customized for use in 1 or 2 incisions, without tying clumsy knots or sutures. For further Derma-Stent information Click Here

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