About 5 years ago, Mar-Med developed the Derma-Stent and began a clinical trial at Wayne State University. We sought to compare the Derma-Stent to traditional incision and drainage with packing gauze. The results from that clinical trial were recently published by Open Access Emergency Medicine, which you can find here: Derma-Stent Clinical Trial.



Derma-Stent was designed to improve upon the “loop drain” method, allowing the use of one or two incisions without tying a knot.  Considerable evidence now exists that the “loop drain” has significant benefits against the traditional incision and drainage.  You can find evidence related to the Derma-Stent and “loop drain” here, and more of which we’ve posted about here and here.

We hoped to confirm a notable benefit of the “loop drain” method, specifically the ease of patient self-removal compared to traditional packing.  The data from the trial was admittedly unclear on that topic, as patient follow up proved difficult.  However, we did find a lot of positive data on pain scores, ease of use, and likelihood of Derma-Stent to stay in place.

Please take a moment to read more about Derma-Stent and the clinical trial, and feel free to request samples if you’d like at www.marmed.com/sample-request/

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