The Tourni-Cot is the world’s most popular digit tourniquet, and clinically that’s for good reason.  Generally speaking, digit tourniquets improve care by creating a bloodless field for procedures on fingers and toes.  A bloodless field allows visualization and careful exploration which is critical to wound management.  Digit injuries have high complication rates, mostly due to missed injuries with up to 38% of foreign bodies missed on the first visit.  Improvised methods don’t provide a reliable bloodless field, can apply dangerous pressure levels and can even be forgotten in place, sometimes resulting in amputations.

Mar-Med’s Tourni-Cot is a non-pneumatic (elastic) digit tourniquet that exsanguinates during application and constricts vessels once in place.  This one-step process provides almost instant hemostasis, making the Tourni-Cot quick and easy to use.  The Tourni-Cot has been proven to provide safe pressure and is designed to be conspicuous to minimize the risk of leaving a tourniquet in place.  The Tourni-Cot communicates high quality of care to the patient and costs no more than some improvised methods, like using a sterile surgical glove set.

Images at right, courtesy of Kent Imaging, help visualize the efficacy of the Tourni-Cot.  Their non-invasive imaging device provided diagnostic insight into the availability of oxygenated blood to the imaged tissue.  Upon application of the Tourni-Cot the oxygenated blood is expelled and kept out of the occluded vessels in the digit, as clearly shown.




Effects of Tourni-Cot Through SnapshotNIR:

Before Tourni-Cot

After Tourni-Cot

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