Mar-Med’s Tourni-Cot Digital Tourniquet

For over 20 years the Tourni-Cot has set the bar for achieving safe and easy hemostasis of fingers and toes.  Mar-Med in Grand Rapids, Michigan has received praise for the Tourni-Cot from top institutions and physicians all around the world.  Primarily used in emergency medicine, hand surgery and podiatry involving lacerations, exploration of foreign bodies, nail injuries and many other elective procedures.  The four bright colors indicate the four different sizes.

To apply the Tourni-Cot simply remove from its sterile package and roll onto the finger or toe, blocking the digit if necessary.  The Tourni-Cot glides over even significant wounds with blood or betadine in the field.  Leave the tag on as a reminder and use the Tourni-Cot for no more than 90 mins.  To remove simply pull the tag upward and cut the Tourni-Cot using scissors or a blade.  The Tourni-cot is great to have on hand at your facility.  Available in single size or mixed boxes for nearly the cost of a sterile surgical glove.  Order from Mar-Med direct or through a variety of national and international distributors.  For more information please visit

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