Derma-Stent – Abscess and Cyst Drain

Introducing the Mar-Med Derma-Stent, a new minimally invasive cutaneous abscess drain.  A Derma-Stent is a biocompatible, flexible, silicone drain that can be trimmed in multiple ways to fit a wide range of cutaneous abscess sizes. 

To use, measure the abscess alongside the Derma-Stent.  Trim the Derma-Stent depending on the preferred treatment, if using two incisions remove one length and thread the Derma-Stent through the two incisions, use a hemostat to pull or push the drain through the abscess the arms of the Derma-Stent retain it in place with incisions open allowing drainage.  If preferred, Derma-Stent can also be used with one incision again just remove one length, but also consider trimming the arm to be inserted in the abscess.  The Derma-Stent will allow the abscess to drain with a single incision and once drained the Derma-Stent can be removed in accordance with clinician instructions. 

Try it out yourself and get free sterile samples of the Derma-Stent and more, go to the Mar-Med Website and request the devices you’d like and where to ship them! We’ll look forward to hearing from you.

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