Tourni-Cot® Digit Tourniquet

The exsanguinating finger and toe tourniquet

The world’s #1 selling digital tourniquet makes it safe and easy to achieve hemostasis on fingers and toes.

  • Simple and Easy to Use
  • Quick Hemostasis
  • Professional Appearance
  • Minimize Risks
  • Similar Cost to Surgical Gloves
  • Assembled in the USA

Using the Tourni-Cot®

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Digital Tourniquets

Mar-Med’s exsanguinating digital tourniquets, Tourni-Cot and Uni-Cot, create a bloodless field for procedures on fingers and toes. A bloodless field allows visualization to improve care, reduce complications and facilitate the use of tissue adhesives.  Improvised methods, like using a penrose drain or surgical glove, are known to apply dangerous levels of pressure and even be forgotten in place, sometimes resulting in tissue injury or amputations.



Using the Tourni-Cot® is Easy for Fingers and Toes
Tourni-Cot | Digit Tourniquet Application | How to Apply the Finger and Toe Tourniquet | Emergency Medicine | Mar-Med

1) Slide Proximally to apply and exsanguinate.

Tourni-Cot | Digit Tourniquet Application | How to Apply the Finger and Toe Tourniquet | Emergency Medicine | Mar-Med

2) Even compression is achieved once in place.

Tourni-Cot | Digit Tourniquet Application | Finger and Toe Tourniquet Application | Hand Surgery | Mar-Med

3) Remove by pulling tag and severing at the notch in the ring.

Cases and Use Indications

Digit lacerations and avulsions – Exploration of foreign bodies and deeper injuries – Nail and nail bed injuries – Elective Procedures – And More!

Product Codes

TCS – small is typically used on very small digits and pediatric patients.
TCM – medium is used typically on women’s and small adult digits.
TCL – large is our most commonly used size for adult digits.
TXL – extra-large is used for very large digits and big toes.
TCU – universal size is used for any size digit.

Tourni-Cots come individually packaged, sterile, and are latex free. Mar-Med minimum order is 1 box of 20 units.

Tourni-Cot® Added Value

Digit tourniquets improve care by creating a bloodless field for procedures on fingers and toes. A bloodless field allows visualization and careful exploration which is critical to wound management. Digit injuries have high complication rates, mostly due to missed injuries with up to 38% of foreign bodies missed on the first visit. Additionally, digit tourniquets are known to facilitate the use of tissue adhesives, simplifying care and reducing visits. Improvised methods can apply dangerous pressure levels and even be forgotten in place, sometimes resulting in amputations.

Our Solution

Mar-Med’s non-pneumatic digit tourniquets exsanguinate during application and constrict vessels once in place, making them quick and easy to use. The Tourni-Cot and Uni-Cot have been proven to provide safe pressure and are designed to be conspicuous to minimize the risk of leaving a tourniquet in place. Mar-Med’s products communicate high quality of care to the patient and cost no more than some improvised methods, like using a sterile surgical glove set.

Tourni-Cot® Related Literature: 

Comparison of Pressures Applied by Digital Tourniquets in the Emergency Department; Shadi Lahham, MS, et al.

  • Summary: The Tourni-Cot provided hemostasis at safe pressures across all digit sizes.

Reducing Risks of Tourniquets Left on After Finger and Toe Surgery, UK NHS National Patient Safety Agency.

  • Summary: Our Tourni-Cots and Uni-Cot CE marked digital tourniquets which are labelled and/or brightly coloured should be used, in accordance with manufacturers’ instructions. Surgical gloves should not be used as tourniquets.

Reducing Risk in Emergency Department Wound Management; James A. Pfaff, MD, FACEP, FAAEM, et al.

  • Summary: Although substantial dollar amounts are not involved, wound-care litigation constitutes a significant number of lawsuits to emergency medicine physicians resulting in an increased drain on the physician’s time and exposing the physician to all the psychosocial effects involved in the medicolegal process. The procedures outlined in this articled paying attention to woundcare principles, involving patients in the medical decision-making process, and ensuring appropriate medical follow-updcan, it is hoped, reduce the incidence of medical claims.


“After graduation, this was the first product I ordered for my practice. They have proved to be versatile, reliable, and time efficient.”

Dr. Riley Eckman


“Using a product like the Tourni-Cot as opposed to a Penrose or rubber band communicates to our patients and staff that safety comes first in our practice.”

Dr. Neal Mozen


“Use only CE marked tourniquets which are labeled and/or brightly coloured to enhance visibility. Surgical gloves should not be used for this purpose.”

Supported by the NHS

UK NHS, National Patient Safety Agency


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