Meet our newest hire, Holly Mathews! Holly hails from Harbor Springs, Michigan and fell in love with Grand Rapids when she attended Aquinas College for a Bachelors in English Literature with minors in Irish Studies and Writing. Upon graduating in 2016, Holly pursued a job in Copy Editing, before realizing her true passion was not in editing, but in research.

She left Grand Rapids briefly to get her Masters in Library and Information Science. After some time hunting for a job that combined her passion for research with public health, Holly finally found the right fit with us here at Mar-Med, as an Office Administrator and Quality Assistant.

When she’s off the clock, Holly enjoys nature walks, hammocking, and crafting. So far, she has mastered cross stitch, crochet, and knitting. Her next crafting goal is to learn how to spin yarn so she can make garments start to finish. Holly has been at Mar-Med for over a month now and hitting the ground running. Next time you call into Mar-Med, Holly could be the voice on the other end.

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