New Universal Size Digit Tourniquet

Safe and Easy hemostasis for adult and pediatric digits​

  • Quick Hemostasis
  • Easy Application
  • Minimize Risks
  • Similar Cost to Surgical Gloves
  • Assembled in the USA

Cases and Use Indications

Digit lacerations and avulsions, exploration of foreign bodies and deeper injuries, nail and nail bed injuries, elective procedures, and more!

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Digital Tourniquets

Mar-Med’s exsanguinating digital tourniquets, Tourni-Cot and Uni-Cot, create a bloodless field for procedures on fingers and toes. A bloodless field allows visualization to improve care, reduce complications and facilitate the use of tissue adhesives.  Improvised methods, like using a penrose drain or surgical glove, are known to apply dangerous levels of pressure and even be forgotten in place, sometimes resulting in tissue injury or amputations. For further Uni-Cot information Click Here

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