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Mar-Med’s Emergency Medicine Devices


  • Tourni-Cot: The World’s #1 Selling Digit Tourniquet, 4 Different Sizes (S, M, L, & XL).
  • Uni-Cot: A New One-Size-Fits-All Digital Tourniquet for Any Size Finger or Toe.
  • Derma-Stent: A New Abscess Drain Based on the “Loop Drain”, only easier and more versatile.

Tourni-Cot | Large Tourniquet | Emergency Medicine | Mar-Med


Uni-Cot one-size fits all finger tourniquet


Balloon Extractor Nasal Foreign Body Removal

Balloon Extractor 2.0

Derma-Stent | Vessel Loop | Loop Drain | Abscess and Cyst Drain | Minimally Invasive Abscess Treatment | Cyst Drain | Abscess Drain | Medical Device | Emergency Medicine | Urgent Care | Mar-Med


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