I carry a Tourni-Cot or Uni-Cot with me at all times because you never know when the need will arise.  This past Memorial Day, as my friend Michael Beley chopped cilantro for the guacamole he was preparing, the need for a Tourni-Cot did arise.

Michael nearly chopped the tip off his finger, right through the nail, and it was bleeding like crazy from the laceration.  There was blood all over the kitchen and a trail of drops everywhere he went.  I got squeamish so it was hard for me to look, but it was easy to locate the Uni-Cot in my bag and hand it over.  Fortunately Michael took it in stride and applied the digit tourniquet device to his own finger, which immediately stopped the bleeding.






We took Michael to the local hospital in Holland, Michigan where they stitched his finger tip back together.  In fact, the hospital applied their own Tourni-Cot to manage the bleeding once he was in their care.  After all that Michael came back and finished the guacamole that he started.  He is safely back to work now in Chicago and credits the Tourni-Cot and Uni-Cot for his recovered laceration.  He was kind enough to let us publish these images from the Memorial Day mishap.


Pre-Suture Tourni-Cot

Tourni-Cot Prepping for Sutures

Digit After Suturing

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