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For over 30 years Mar-Med has specialized in digit tourniquets offering our number one selling Tourni-Cot and more recently our one-size fits-all Uni-Cot. Now we introduce a totally redesigned Uni-Cot 2.0 with the following features:

  • The original Uni-Cot hole for adult digits, now alongside a new smaller hole specifically for pediatric digits
  • Anti-friction coating and a better grip for easy application
  • Warning tag to aid in removal and to ensure it’s not forgotten on a digit.

The original Uni-Cot hole provides great hemostasis for adult digits. Now the new smaller hole keeps up pressure on much smaller fingers and toes, in fact preliminary data suggests the Uni-Cot 2.0 has greater range than other one-size fits-all digit tourniquets using Tekscan sensors just like in other peer-reviewed digit tourniquet studies.

To apply the Uni-Cot 2.0, simply remove from its sterile package and choose the appropriate hole depending on digit size. The new coating slides easily against the skin and the device can be stretched over significant wounds. To remove simply pull the tag to create a gap and insert a blade to sever from the digit. The tag and bright color make it almost impossible to forget.

Used in adult and pediatric emergency medicine, hand surgery, and podiatry involving lacerations, exploration of foreign bodies, nailbed injuries and other elective procedures, the next generation Uni-Cot 2.0 is great to have on hand at your facility.

Available in boxes of 20 units for nearly the cost of a sterile surgical glove. Order from Mar-Med direct or a variety of national and international distributors. For more information, please visit www.marmed.com.

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