Balloon Extractor – Nasal Foreign Body Remover

Introducing the Mar-Med Balloon Extractor. The Balloon Extractor is used to remove nasal foreign bodies safely and easily. For use insert the thin catheter into the nose cavity past the foreign body, inflate the soft small balloon on the end of the catheter and simply remove to extract the foreign body.

For ease of use the 1CC stopper on the syringe prevents over inflation. Once inflated the soft silicone balloon provides painless removal. There’s no need for assembly of parts or additional equipment, no more terrifying “alligator forceps” and no excessive costs for specialty products. The Balloon Extractor is a single use product that is available to use immediately, which makes it an easy choice. For use in emergency and non-emergent situations on pediatric and adult patients for foreign bodies of any type like beads, small toys, or food. The Mar-Med Balloon Extractor comes in boxes of 10 individually packaged units.

To try it out yourself and get free sterile samples of the Balloon Extractor and more, go to the Mar-Med Website and request the devices you’d like and where to ship them. We’ll look forward to hearing from you!

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