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Often we hear from clinicians that they would love to use our products, but purchasing decisions where they work are “out of their hands”.  The procurement process for hospitals and other healthcare facilities is no doubt getting more and more complex.  But there are some tips we can offer to make it easier for your facility to adopt the Mar-Med devices that you want.



1. We sell through all the major distributors.

Most healthcare facilities utilize a preferred distributor to supply their devices.  Facilities use distributors as a “one stop shop” rather than having relationships with each of the many product suppliers.  This is especially relevant for “small spend” items like Mar-Med’s.  Mentioning the names of distributors below who carry Mar-Med devices should lower the burden for your supply chain colleagues.

Medline  *  Cardinal Health  *  Owens and Minor  *  McKesson  *  Henry Schein  *  ask about more!



2. We have “courtesy” pricing with some of these distributors.

Distributors want to make money, and they usually try to resell our products for double what we charge them or more.  One way Mar-Med can control that is by setting up “courtesy contracts” with these distributors.  Many healthcare facilities buy their standard supplies based on contract pricing through Group Purchasing Organizations.  But Mar-Med devices are not standardized so they aren’t included in GPO contracts.  Instead, Distributors allow us to offer courtesy contract pricing to those customers who are interested.  This gives your facility peace of mind knowing that they are in a contract price agreement, rather than being subject to whims of unexpected price increases.  Just ask and you will receive!


3. We sell direct and offer local contracts

Lastly, I should be clear that we at Mar-Med prefer to sell direct and we offer the best pricing direct.  We understand that not all facilities want to have a direct relationship with smaller suppliers like Mar-Med.  But we want to have a relationship with you!  And we are happy to offer local, direct contracts to ensure price stability of our devices.  Our products are small and we ship UPS and FedEx ground every day, ensuring that your product will arrive swiftly for a low price.

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